Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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I work with people having problems with their mental health. That could be from anxiety or an anxiety related condition, trauma, depression or from the stress that comes with insomnia or chronic pain.


CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

CBT helps us understand what exactly happens to us when stress and anxiety begin to take over our lives. We learn how and why anxiety triggers unwanted changes to the way we feel and how we behave. Most importantly, CBT gives us a toolbox to turn things around.

Breathing Coaching

Learning how to breathe calmly when we get anxious, particularly if we suffer panic attacks, is an essential tool for everyone to have. I pass on simple, take-home exercises to everyone I work with suffering from stress and anxiety and their typical reaction is one of surprise at what a difference something so simple as breathing can make.


If people need something to help them to relax, I offer them Open-Focus (OF) recordings, which I record and produce myself. The OF technique is a unique combination of guided meditation and hypnotherapy. Many people find the recordings profoundly relaxing. As well as reducing anxiety they can help with insomnia and to alleviate chronic pain.


Golf should, on the face of it, be relaxing. Golfers of any handicap know, however, that this wonderful game of ours has a significant element of stress involved, unique to the sport, that can make or break our round. Outside of my regular therapy practice, I enjoy working with golfers, teaching them a combination of CBT and breathing techniques, tailor-made to make their round more enjoyable, improve their score and improve their health and fitness in the long-run.

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