Counselling, Psychotherapy and Breathing

One-to-one online counselling and psychotherapy, treating all anxiety and anxiety-related conditions, depression and other mental health conditions.

Also, short 4-week group courses in CBT, Breathing for Stress, and Attention Training for people looking for ways to better manage stress at work and cope with the demands of today’s working environment.


Counselling and Therapy

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to therapy. I like to discuss things with people and together we agree on the best approach. I might use CBT or metacognitive techniques, but always person-centred and I will bring in breathing and attention training if we decide that could help.


Why should breathing a certain way help us feel less stressed, less anxious or help us get a better night’s sleep? Well, just as our breathing is affected by stress or anxiety, we can actively control it to feel immediately less anxious and more relaxed. Techniques are simple and easy to learn.

Attention Training

Our state of mind can be very much influenced by how much attention we pay to our own thoughts. If we worry or ruminate a lot, it can become more and more difficult to think about anything else. It can almost feel like we ‘become our thoughts’. Just as we can control our breathing, however, we can learn how to pay attention in a totally different way. We can learn how to quieten the mind and give ourselves a greater sense of control.

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