CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

Sometimes, we need stress. It´s what keeps us on our toes. Too much of it, however, especially if it goes on for weeks or months takes its toll. It puts our blood pressure up, changes the way we breathe, keeps us awake at night and makes us feel tired all the time. It can trigger other problems too. Stress can lead us to alter the way we behave. Sometimes we stop doing things we enjoy, or start doing things we´d rather not.

CBT teaches us how and why we change due to stress, and what we can do about it in order to break free. When we are over-stressed we tend to think negatively all the time. We can lose hope in the future. Stress can compound our existing problems. The uncertainty associated with a condition such as long Covid for example, leads to more anxiety, which adds to symptoms, which can hinder recovery.

Often, problems arise from pushing ourselves too far.

The good news is that CBT is a time-proven, NHS-approved, evidence-based approach that teaches us effective ways to combat stress, anxiety, and the depression that often results.

With CBT we can learn how to keep our thoughts in check. We then start to feel better; that leads us to do more, to start doing the things we´ve missed.

Learning how to breathe well makes CBT even more effective. Breathing calmly, quietens our mind and helps us to relax. We immediately feel more in control. Experiencing that feeling for the first time- in a long time, gives people a new lease of life.

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