NHS Employee #1

I had been referred to Andy regarding anxiety and depression due to a change in my physical circumstances/abilities following a spinal injury. I was suffering with severe pain which was very difficult to manage, and negatively impacting my mental health as well.

For over a year I had been suffering with the anxiety and inability to cope with my situation alongside the related pain. I expected purely CBT, however, Andy began therapy working on the Buteyko technique, and this was the beginning of huge change for me.

Andy is different from any therapists I have heard of in the past. He not only is qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but he is a qualified Buteyko instructor, as well as having expertise in other methods to add to therapy. I had so many differing issues all stemming from the one incident that I did not know how or where we could begin. My therapy with Andy has not only been phenomenal at addressing the CBT side of things (working through 39+ years of behavioural practices I have)….. but my pain levels and quality of life are truly improved.

I feel hope where I felt there was none. I am managing to accept my pain and have some control over it. I can sleep far more effectively and I can cope emotionally on a much better level than prior to speaking to Andy. I WISH I had known about Andy before I did. Had I been referred to another therapist, I am unsure of the efficacy it would have had with me, as I had so many stumbling blocks around pain and pain management, it was just proving impossible to focus on anything else.

From breathing, I have managed to gain control over my pain and anxieties and that is allowing me to now meditate (never would I have thought I could EVER achieve this) and learn new techniques to manage my life in a more healthy way, and learning better coping mechanisms and skills to handle the stressors that come my way.

I am so grateful to Andy, as I was in such a deep dark place that I never envisioned it would be possible to get away from. I feel hope for my future once more.

I will admit that you may find some things a little out of left field to begin with!…but I was of the opinion I do not care how crazy something sounds or how incomprehensible methods seem to me…… I would openly try….. and I am SO glad I have. I do not want to think what position I would be in had this not been the therapist I had been introduced to. I could not imagine my future, and I was in a severe depression and torment physically and mentally. Thank you Andy for helping me to find myself again and have control and acceptance and the ability to cope and manage my pain. Thank you!