NHS Employee #2

I have struggled at various different times throughout my life although I only recognise those times now after seeing and talking to Andy. It was a lunch date with a friend when I realised I needed to seek help and advice. I just broke down sobbing in a busy restaurant and I didn’t care people were looking. I just couldn’t hide my pain and sadness behind the mask anymore. I had been struggling for about 6 months by this point and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I just needed to talk to someone who didn’t know me, my situation, someone who wouldn’t judge me and what I had to say but also wouldn’t appease me. Andy gave me breathing exercise’s which helped me pause and take a minute. Don’t get me wrong my 1st session I didn’t know where to start or what to say. It was daunting, scary and very emotional. I felt drained but felt I should give it another go. 2nd session I felt relief afterwards, 3rd and 4th I thought about giving up but I also knew I never wanted to feel this way again so continued and the following sessions I felt I was beginning to make progress.

Life is life, its always going to throw you a curve ball. Things will happen that are out with your control. Andy has now given me the skills and tools to help cope when these moments arrive. Skills to change my way of thinking to give me power over a situation rather than the situation having power or control over me.There will be bad days but hopefully they will only last a couple of hours, a day or 2, instead of months where it consumes my whole life, my daily thoughts, every single minute of every single day as my previous struggle/trauma did. These traumas will always be there and be a part of me and my story, but now I have the control and it doesn’t control me.

I will always be forever grateful and thankful to Andy for listening to me and for giving me new life long skills to help me cope with this thing called LIFE!