Oxygen Advantage®

Patrick McKeown´s Oxygen Advantage (OA) programme is directed at athletes, sports and fitness enthusiasts looking to boost their performance levels through improving their breathing pattern. There are simple exercises that can be added to a training schedule to increase body oxygenation in order to achieve that.

As well as the physical demands of a sport, how well we perform is very often limited by how well we respond to stress, what in the OA programme we call: psychological preparedness.

Controlling stress in sport is no different to controlling stress in life- we can adjust our breathing pattern, calm our nerves, and better prepare ourselves to cope with the challenge.

The complete OA program sets out to:


  • Improve aerobic capacity
  • Increase lung capacity
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Improve psychological preparedness
  • Delay Lactic Acid and fatigue


Though I am open to all, I like to work with golfers. Golf has an element of stress that can make the difference between us enjoying the round (irrespective of our score) or coming off the course frustrated. It is no doubt the mental side of the game that keeps top golfers from handing in a sub-scratch scorecard every time- they are all capable of hitting the shots. Just like those of us who are out simply to enjoy the round, however, they succumb to stress. Learning how to breathe properly can make a huge difference, to our performance, our enjoyment…and our scores.

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