CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

CBT helps us understand what exactly happens to us when stress and anxiety begin to take over our lives. We learn how and why stress triggers unwanted changes to the way we feel and how we behave. Most importantly, CBT gives us a toolbox that we can use to turn things around.

Breathing Techniques

Over time, we tend to change the way we breathe. If we suffer anxiety and/or chronic pain, or from a condition such as asthma or longCovid, our breathing can become part of the problem. Re-learning how to breathe well (it sounds almost too simple to be true) can improve many aspects of our health and it offers a no-pills way to reduce symptoms.

Open Focus™

Open Focus audio exercises are a unique combination. They have something in common with  guided mindfulness meditation, but have more structure, more guidance. They have an element of hypnotherapy, but when listening to an open-focus exercise- we are totally awake, lucid and attentive. What they can help us to achieve is a state of profound relaxation.

Oxygen Advantage®

Patrick McKeown´s Oxygen Advantage (OA) programme is directed at athletes, sports and fitness enthusiasts looking to boost their performance levels through improving their breathing pattern. There are simple exercises that can be added to a training schedule to increase body oxygenation in order to achieve that.

Therapy With A Difference

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